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ADIFOR              automatic differentiation of Fortran codesALFPACK             Legendre functions of first kindARPACK              large scale eigenvalue problemsAztec               an iterative sparse linear solver packageBLAS                basic linear algebra subprogramsCERNLIB             CERN Program LibraryCMLIB               NIST core math libraryDAEPAK              differential algebraic equationsDASPK*              solution of systems of alg./diff. eqns                    (BDF/Krylov method, CM/F90/MPI)EDA                 exploratory data analysisEISPACK             eigenvalues and eigenvectorsFISHPAK             FFT, separable elliptic pdesFLIB   CHARPAK         character/string manipulation   GEOMPAK         geometrical transformations   RANPAK          random number generation   TIMPAK           system date manipulationGSLIB               GSLIB: Geostatistical Software Library and User's Guide"                    by C.V. Deutsch and A.G. Journel                    Oxford Univ. Press, New York, 1992Harwell-Boeing      sparse matrices (also Matrix Market)HSL                 Harwell Subroutine LibraryINTLIB              interval arithmeticIMSL                Visual Numerics, Inc.ITPACK              sparse matrices, iterative methodsLAIPE               parallel direct solvers (linear equations)LANCELOT            large-scale optimization problemsLAPACK              linear algebra on shared memory machinesLINALG              some nonstandard solvers for linear algebraLINPACK             linear algebraMPFUN               a portable multiprecision packageMINPACK             nonlinear problemsMINPACK-2           nonlinear problemsMINUIT              nonlinear problemsMtask               parallel programming language (Windows NT/95)MUDPACK             multigrid, linear elliptic PDEsNCARM               NCAR's local math librariesNumerical Methods   FORTRAN Programs, software supplement for                    Numerical Methods for Mathematics, Science & Eng.                    by John MathewsNumerical Recipes  also ftpand gopher (So is it buggy or not?)ODEPACK             LSODEODEs                stiff/nonstiff, explicit/implicit methodsODE software        of J. CashPIM                 Parallel Iterative SolversRANLIB              random number generation (C, FORTRAN)ScaLAPACK           MIMD version of LAPACKSCILIB              a portable FORTRAN emulation of CRAY SCILIBSLATEC              common mathematical librarySLEIGN2             Sturm-Liouville problemsSPARSKIT            sparse matricesSPBLAS              NIST Sparse BLASSPHEREPACK          spherical harmonicsSPECFUN             special functionsSTARPAC             statistical data analysisTENSOR              nonlinear problems (tensor methods)TLCPACK             regridding (1-4D orthogonal grids)Templates           iterative solution of linear systems (html book)TOMS                algorithms from Comm. of the ACMUMFPACK             sparse linear problems with iterative refinement                  

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         The best benchmark remains your own application. I assume you have profiled it and know         where it spends its time, and have optimised it where possible; running it will at least ensure         that the machine, operating system, and compiler exist, a factor often overlooked amidst         a profusion of numbers and promises.                                                                                Benchmarking Computers for HEP                                                                                Eric McIntosh                                                                                CERN, Geneva, Switzerland


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